4 technologies we focus on now

We are interested in all solutions for vacation rentals, but we believe these have reached a moment when many vacation rental companies should upgrade their game now with these solutions. So we are focusing on them.  ;-)

Noise detectors finally work, and we need them more than ever!

We had tested several before- they did not work. But now we tested the Noiseaware Gen3 https://noiseaware.io/ - it really works, giving the right notifications to the right teammates with adjustable sensitivity. And it costs just the price of a rental.
We do believe sound detectors are necessary to be fair to guests, nice to neighbors, please owners and keep or gain properties. And, as an industry, we must promote them as a way to eliminate the exceptional nuisances and prove with facts that we are not noisy neighbors ;-)

AI applied to translations and multi-lingual SEO can do wonders

We believe a shared translation engine powered by AI and leveraging post editing by humans is our future. We are already working on that, leveraging our multi-lingual website development experience with www.vrbooster.com, but the more will join, the better our translations will me and the more money we'll all save on translations. 
I just defused a situation thanks to the NoiseAware Gen3 prototype. We did not want to lose the renters- they pay well and stay for months- nor the property- the building manager is happy that we are dealing with complaints.

Ariadna Almenova VR partnership and RENTeGO Prague


Virtual Tours look great on tablets

Virtual visits in augmented reality are the future, but a nice virtual tour on a tablet is already a great way to visit a property hundreds of miles away. We already leverage the Matterport technology and hope it will soon be dispyed on Homeaway ;-)

Pricing and Yield management tools

These tools are getting good - they are still insufficient to leave pricing on autopilot but they reached the point where they add value if managers use them wisely. We will look deeper in solutions like Beyond Pricing .
In a world where visitors travel more and more internationally, being able to sell and serve guests efficiently in many languages will be a differenciating factor in many regions.

Eric Bordier VR partnership