Next steps:

Now is the time to onboard our project!

Put together partners and funding

Going on now as you read...inquire below! ;-)

How you can join:

  • Express your needs
  • Contribute with Funding, think of it as co-development and coopetition
  • Contribute with translations
Advantages for early partners:
  • Influence development so it will fit your needs and your tech stack
  • More efficient than in house
  • Guaranteed better rate vs followers

Agile first sprint and proof of concept

Test and proof of concept Japanese in Hawaii leveraging our sister company  and in Europe leveraging our vacation rental company
With translations, sharing divides pains and multiplies profits!

Eric Bordier VR partnership


Design architecture, wireframes and plans

To be continued...

Develop in agile cycles

We look forward to helping you get the global Vacation rentals market :-)

Ariadna Almenova VR partnership